Brunch Recipes For New Year's Day: From Hoppin' John To Soufflés (PHOTOS)

We're fairly certain that Champagne jelly on the brunch table will start your year off just right.

Some of us can admit to ourselves that New Year's morning is not our most shining moment. We like Champagne and revelry a little too much. Message to the rest of you: please invite us over for brunch. We'll need it.

When we think about holiday brunches, they tend to get divided into two camps in our brain: Christmas brunch is homey, simple, warming and easy to do ahead. New Year's brunch feels like it needs to really be special, elegant and show-stopping, just to get the year off on the right foot. These New Year's brunch recipes fall squarely into that second camp. We can tell you for an absolute fact that walking into someone's home and seeing a Champagne jelly on the table will start your year off just right.

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New Year's Day Brunch Recipes