The Truth About What Your Brunch Order Says About You

Get ready to cringe.

Brunch is often, if not always, the most indulgent meal of the week. You lounge around the table for hours on end, you may consume one or more alcoholic beverages despite it being the middle of the day, and you usually aren't trying to be healthy about it. For all these reasons, we will always love brunch. We may not leave feeling our best, but every weekend, when Sunday morning rolls around, we know where we want to be come brunch o'clock: sitting at a table with our closest friends, rehashing last night's activities and stuffing ourselves silly.

Whether brunch is a weekly affair or just for special occasions, we usually order the same thing every time -- or at least the same dish or two. While we appreciate all brunch foods -- from pancakes to poached eggs -- and while we're typically all in favor of trying out new dishes, we're not overly adventurous at the brunch table. We have a handful of standbys we always gravitate toward, and while we may waffle in the moment, we never stray from our favorite orders. (Yes, we just used waffle as a verb and we're talking about brunch -- deal with it.)

What's your favorite brunch dish? The one you order Sunday after Sunday? Whatever your trusty brunch choice is, it probably says a lot about your personality. Find out what your brunch says about you:

Eggs Benedict
Simply Recipes
You're indulgent. "Living life to the fullest" means stuffing yourself at every meal. You're a cocktail at breakfast kind of person, so you'll definitely be washing down that eggs Benedict with a Bloody Mary.
Scrambled Eggs
Brown Eyed Baker
You're traditional -- sometimes to a fault. You're strong willed, which serves you well, but you need to push yourself to think outside the box more often.
Avocado Toast
James Ransom/Food52
You're cool, intelligent and understated. You're not overly outgoing, so you don't have as many friends as you should, but you're a loyal, reliable friend to the ones you do have.
Simply Recipes
You always looks great, even if you're not always in the best mood or feeling so hot. You're also really approachable; people always seem to gravitate toward you, even if they don't know you well.
Breakfast Burrito
Meals & Moves
"Go big or go home" is your motto. You're a party animal and you're not ashamed to show it. Work comes second to your social life, even if that means showing up to the office still drunk the next morning.
Bagel and Lox
Eriko Koga via Getty Images
You're a New Yorker -- or you should be.
French Toast
Passionate Penny Pincher
You're a loving friend and family member. You're everyone's shoulder to cry on and you'll do anything for your friends. Sometimes you need to remember to put yourself first.
Bacon Egg and Cheese
Just Putzing Around The Kitchen
You're busy and productive but also know the value of unplugging and relaxing. You thrive on pressure but have no problem spending a weekend on the couch in front of the TV.
Croque Monsieur
Verses From My Kitchen
You're pretty awesome and you know it, but you're not arrogant about it. You're content and grateful for what you have in life, and don't feel pressure to achieve a whole lot more.
Food & Wine
You're aggressive. And we appreciate that.
Vegetable Omelet
HuffPost Taste
Don't let anyone tell you you're boring. You just like what you like and don't feel the need to be constantly expanding your horizons.
You're a food-lover who's on top of the trends. We'll follow your lead any day.
Lauren's Latest
You're irresistible. People want to be with you at all times, people look up to you and they strive to emulate you. But nobody can compare. You're as close to perfection as they get.
Eggs Over Easy
Morey Milbradt via Getty Images
You're a slow but deep thinker. You're a philosopher and a writer, and while you're not a curmudgeon, you're definitely wary of trends.
Simply Recipes
You're delightful, if a little superficial. People always expect that there's more to you than there really is.
Huevos Rancheros
Lauri Patterson via Getty Images
You're a thrill-seeker. Safety and security do not appeal to you. If you're not living on the edge, you're not living at all.

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