Female Pilots Land Plane In Country Where They're Not Allowed To Drive


Three female pilots landed a Boeing 787 Dreamliner last month in a country where women aren't even allowed to drive cars.

The all-female crew was a first for Royal Brunei Airlines. They landed in Saudi Arabia, a nation where women face strict punishment for driving due to ultra-conservative religious rules. Women in Saudi have campaigned for reforms on the driving ban and other prohibitions. Last year, women in Saudi voted for the first time in local elections


The feat also commemorated Brunei's National Day, but we'd call it a celebration for women -- especially women in the travel industry -- all around the world:

Flight crews are hugely skewed in the U.S., too: Recent research shows just over 4 percent of working U.S. pilots are women.

Groups like Women in Aviation hold conferences, talks and info sessions to encourage women to take to the skies. Having the example of badass female pilots doesn't hurt, either.

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