Bruno Mars Releases Retro Music Video For 'Treasure' (VIDEO)

By Michael Lopez


Fans of cheesy 80’s MTV clips are in for a treat. It seems Bruno Mars has replicated the style of classic shows like Solid Gold for his new “Treasure” music video.

Flossing a bright red blazer and a hefty afro, the part-Puerto Rican crooner looks like he time traveled to a vintage Euro discotheque. But to be honest, the trend works! And it’s certainly helped by “Treasure’s” bouncy beats.

Mars also hired some funky backup dancers to help seal the deal. For several inspired moments in the middle of the clip, they all bust out some very impressive choreography.

And interestingly enough, hardcore Hooligan fans have one more reason to “Treasure” this latest clip. According to Bruno’s Twitter account, he was the video’s co-director.