Bruno Mars: Your Fantastic Friends Prom Invitation Awaits You


Hey Bruno Mars,

"This one's for your handsome face and funky beat." Your invitation to Fantastic Friends prom awaits you ;) As you've been seeing our story flourish across national news sites such as Yahoo, MSN, and USA Today, we must ask you one thing- WILL YOU COME TO PROM?!

Prom night is about honoring and celebrating people for how beautiful and unique they are. People with special needs are very special and deserve to be honored, just like everyone else. The goal of the prom is to also bring awareness to include those with special needs in daily life activities, inside and outside of the Fantastic Friends community. Our prom is expected to draw hundreds of our special needs members and volunteers that reside across several states. Fantastic Friends wants you to know how much it would mean to us if you say yes!

The lyrics of your music hit home to us. As a special needs organization, our national mission is to create love, celebration, and inclusion for all. Your passion and energy, along with your meaningful lyrics, absolutely radiate the same values as the Fantastic Friends mission. You are such a unique, loving, and a well-known artist that can really be the model of what we are all about. You give us so much faith and love in miracles, and if you accept our promposal, you will spark a national Fantastic Friends movement.

The Fantastic Friends prom is the real deal. We like to make our prom venue feel as real as possible. Bruno Mars shaped food. Funky decorations. Disco Balls. Glowsticks, you name it!! If you accept, "Bruno Mars" will be our prom theme, and the venue will literally "feel like we are swimming in your world, which is something spiritual (spiritual)"! We will do anything to make this happen.

So Mr. Prom King, come celebrate with us for a night of fun, love, and friendship, and bringing awareness to one of the greatest causes in the world :) How can you say anything but- YES?!

"We find out what we're made of when we are called to help our friends in need". "Honey, you're our golden star" ;) "You know you can make our wish come true"! "Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah"!

We hope to hear from you very soon.

With so much love, joy, excitement, and gratitude to you and your music,

Marissa Hacker and all of your Fantastic Friends

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