"Bruno" Threatened With Lawsuit By Alleged Terrorist Leader (VIDEO)

A Palestinian man says he was lured into an on-screen interview with Sasha Baron Cohen for the hit movie "Bruno" under false pretenses and is considering taking legal action, according to WorldNetDaily.

Ayman Abu Aita is branded a "terrorist group leader" linked with the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in the film, a group deemed responsible for suicide bombings and attacks targeting Israeli civilians.

WorldNetDaily writes that Mr Aita served with the Martyrs Brigades for 3 years and spent two years in an Israeli prison on allegations of involvement in a shooting against Israeli soldiers, but today he is a representative of the Palestinian Authority President's party to a West Bank town.

Mr Aita said he was shocked to discover that the film contains full frontal male nudity and graphic homosexual fetish sex, WorldNetDaily reports.

"Bruno" star Sasha Baron Cohen appeared on David Letterman and talked about tracking down a "terrorist" for the film.

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