Death, Dining, Dating & 'The Donald'

Happy New Year Huffington Post Readers!

I thought I'd start 2016 with a bit of introspection, personal recollections and positive goals moving forward.

Let's dispense with the 'heavy handed sickle bearer" first. Death is part of the circle of life. Who knows when we will be summoned. We can opt out of the Affordable Care Act, fudge on our taxes, take incredible care of our bodies ... but can't dodge death.

Enjoy life in the present even as something possibly more intriguing may await us in the future.

Dining: We all enjoy it in different ways. Some of us are culinary elitists and joy erupts only when the finest cuisine caresses our lips and titillates our palate with sensations previously unimagined. Others simply desire great quantities and low prices. There are some like me who are easily satisfied when a booth is comfortable, the food passable and the company enjoyable.

The next time you dine, pause a moment, be mindful of what your are consuming and grateful you have food on your plate. Many American's are starving... wouldn't it be great to start the New Year by making a donation to your favorite charity!

Dating: This is something we can really get our teeth into without gaining a calorie. For all those who are single or single again the new year is a great time to assess just how well your social life is going. If you are satisfied ... great. For the few (I use the term lightly) who suffer, stress, experience unhappiness, angst, worry, anger, frustration and outright distress why not decide 2016 will be different!

True dating success and pleasure only come when we introspect, examine our strengths and challenges and gain intimate self-knowledge. Next and essential is to identify precisely what we want in a partner ... and then are willing to be a bit flexible.

Finally, and sometimes the greatest challenge is figuring out how to find that special someone who meets your criteria. No easy answers here, but certainly strategies exist for maximizing opportunities.

If you'd like a bit of assistance in navigating the dating mine field email me with "Dating -- 2016" in the subject line and I'll send you a Mind Acrobatics™ exercise to help kick off the new year.

Recollection: "The Donald" will be making lots of news for the next number of months during the race for both nomination and possibly election as President. Many pundits are surprised and mainstream Republicans horrified. It's kind of interesting no matter who you support ... don't ya think?

I won't comment on various statements made by Mr. Trump. Every reader must reach their own conclusion as to the quality and substance of his rhetoric and potential ability to lead our great nation. However I will digress for a moment with a bit of personal reminiscing.

I knew Donald Trump (in a loose interpretation,) I worked for Donald Trump (indirectly,) I loaned Donald Trump $6,700 (in a manner of speaking,) and I profited greatly from our corporate relationship (pure fact.)

To verify some of the above click on this link and hit the Portfolio button.

For all those that claim Donald Trump can't manage money and has filed for corporate bankruptcy on a number of occasions or "reorganization" (as we tycoons like to call it:) I believe he would be the first to say he availed himself of the letter if not the spirit of the law.

In the bloom of my youth in the early 1990's I created and supervised the production of a huge mailing for The Trump Taj Mahal. It was my responsibility to pay all the artists, printers, letter shops and other support personnel. Grey hairs sprouted liberally when The Taj declared Chapter 11 right in the middle of the project.

All my worry was for nothing as I was paid in full and on time! As for the loan ... it was an advance on postage for a mailing and it too was repaid. Direct Marketers don't usually advance postage ... but who could turn down a polite request from an organization bearing Donald Trump's name?

Since that time I've come to realize that worrying serves no purpose other than to destroy quality of life. For a Mind Acrobatics exercise to help alleviate worrying, email me with "Stop Worrying" in the subject line.

Yes, Donald and I had a conversation ... depending upon your definition of the term.

In 1992 I ran into him in a client's elevator at 555 Fifth Avenue in NYC. When we exited, he and his minions turned left as they waited for their ride. I veered right planning to retrieve my car. Then I summoned up my courage, stopped, turned around and walked a few steps closer to Donald.

"Excuse me Mr. Trump," I said.

He turned around and replied, "Yes."

"My name's Dave Kanegis. I enjoyed working with The Taj Mahal and producing most of its mass mailings for pre-opening and quite awhile afterewards."

"That's interesting," he said and turned away.

So folks, Donald and I shared a friendly communication and I was well remunerated from our mutual business relationship despite never having been formally introduced. A personal tale, but perhaps an interesting perspective that you might find only in The Huffington Post. Enough recollecting!

A Special Note

The 2016 presidential election is one of the most important in our nation's history.

I related a non-political anecdote about Donald Trump. How great would you feel by volunteering in the campaign of your candidate of choice! Then go out and become a storyteller sharing your personal experiences.

Activity is healthy and improves quality of life. You may live longer, enjoy your food more and perhaps even meet a prospective mate.

I wish everyone a great, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! And if you haven't done it yet, call or visit someone important in your life and show them some love!

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