Brushtail Possum, Australia Marsupial, Spotted For First Time In A Decade (VIDEO)

While some animals may be quite photogenic, others are a rare treat to see.

The brushtail possum, which is native to Australia, was recently spotted by wildlife cameras at Ormiston Gorge in West MacDonnell National Park in Central Australia.

The Associated Press reports that the infrared camera footage is the first time the creature has been spotted in Ormiston Gorge in a decade. Deon Grantham, a park ranger at the Gorge, told AP he knew there was a brushtail possum in the area, but "actually getting one on camera is a little bit difficult."

Alice Springs News reports that West MacDonnell National Park is "possibly the last stronghold" for the central brushtail possum, making this discovery promising for future observation of the animals.

Elsewhere in Australia, conservation strategies involve bottles and blankets. Nearly a hundred orphaned baby fruit bats were recently saved and bottle-fed by rescuers.

The Australian possums may be getting some attention, but they're not the most famous ones. Earlier this year, a cross-eyed opossum named Heidi, who became an internet sensation, died in Germany.

Editor's Note: The Associated Press video incorrectly refers to the brushtail possum as a "bush-tailed" possum.


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