American Injured In Brussels Terrorist Attack Was Also At Boston Bombing

He was also just hours away from November's Paris attacks.

An American teen injured in the Brussels terrorist attacks Tuesday has now escaped death twice.

Mason Wells
Mason Wells

Mason Wells, a 19-year-old Mormon missionary from Utah, was with two other American missionaries when blasts rocked the airport at Zaventem, injuring all three.

Though only a teenager, it's the second terrorist attack Wells has survived, family friend Lloyd Coleman told The Huffington Post.

"His mother ran the Boston marathon three years ago," Coleman said. "Mason was there at the finish line waiting when the bomb went off a block away. He was close enough to hear and feel it."

He and his family managed to walk away from that attack. Even more remarkable is that when terrorists attacked Paris in November, Wells was just a couple hours away doing missionary work.

“Nineteen years old and exposed to three terrorist attacks is amazing for anyone,” Coleman said. “Especially an American.” 

Thirty-two people were killed in Tuesday's attacks, and more than 250 others injured.

Wells is now recovering in a hospital following surgery on his Achilles tendon, which was ripped during the blast. 

The two missionaries he was with, 20-year-old Joseph Empey and 66-year-old Richard Norby, were also seriously injured, along with an Air Force officer, his wife and four children. All nine Americans were caught up in the airport bombings.

Joseph Empey
Joseph Empey

Empey's mother said that her son was wounded, but recovering.

“He’s got injuries and waiting to go into surgery, but he’s doing great, and we feel really awful for so many injured,” Amber Hempey told HuffPost the day of the attacks. “He happens to be a lucky one and we’re pretty grateful.” 



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