Brusspup's Awesome Optical Illusions Bring Drawings To Life (VIDEOS)

A great magician never reveals his secrets. But a great optical illusionist shares the tricks of the trade so generously...

Our minds have been blown many a time by a moving illusions maestro who goes only by Brusspup. We found his work on Laughing Squid and were mesmerized by the videos below. His tricks bring black and white geometric drawings to animated life, creating hypnotic dancing shapes that will leave you wondering if someone slipped something into your morning coffee.

Instead of keeping his magic powers all to himself, Brusspup offers us links like this, this and this so you can make your own optical illusions. Just print the image from the link onto a transparency and use it with this template. Voila! Magic hour. (Make sure not to alter the sizes of either the moving image or the template or the magic effect will sadly be lost.)

Check out Brushpup's illusions below and let us know if you'll try it at home. (If you like what you see we also recommend Oleg Shuplyak for a good mind-bender.)

Optical Illusions