16 Things Brutally Honest Women Know All Too Well

16 Things Brutally Honest Women Know All Too Well

If you're a brutally honest lady like myself, you will find yourself in treacherous waters at some point in your life. Let’s face it, the truth hurts sometimes -- but that’s never stopped us from telling it.

Women are often expected to pander, apologize or make excuses for our forthright behavior. We're encouraged to be "nurturers," to soothe people, downplay our anger and aggression, and basically play nicey-nice even if we're seething inside and our true feelings are bursting to get out.

Well, eff that.

If you’re outspoken, opinionated and just can't seem to keep your opinions to yourself (ever), this one’s for you.

Here are 16 things brutally honest women completely understand:

1. The pure relief that comes with telling someone what you really think. There is just nothing like it.

2. What a compliment is really worth. Not everything is great, and that’s totally OK.

3. Having a very narrow set of circumstances under which telling a white lie is acceptable. If the lie gets you off the hook for something you are totally guilty of, you don’t tell it -- even when it would save you a whole lot of trouble.

4. When you’re so straightforward about negative opinions that people think you’re joking. Hint: You’re not.

5. Sometimes your comebacks hit a little too deep. Oops.

6. You absolutely cannot stand by silently while a friend makes a terrible decision. To you, being a good friend is expressing your honest concerns about their choice in a respectful and open way. Whether or not they take your advice is a different matter.

7. Never being able to suck up to someone. Ass-kissing makes you queasy.

8. You are completely comfortable making your displeasure known. This is especially true when you are on the phone with Verizon customer service. (I still want my unlimited data back, Verizon.)

9. The power of a well-placed “excuse me” instead of “sorry.” Because women apologize far too often.

10. Friends come to you for the cold, hard truth when other people are just telling them what they want to hear. But then again, people occasionally avoid you for that exact same reason.

11. Everyone knows your opinions. Whether they asked for them or not.

12. Your face will give you away even when you can stop yourself from saying something. Every. Single. Time.

13. Letting someone down gently is an exercise in torture. Especially in a romantic situation. Is there a clearer way to tell someone you don’t have any chemistry that’s not, “we don’t have any chemistry?” Probably not. Blunt is best.

14. Being called a bitch / cold / crazy / mean on a regular basis. Sigh. Next.

15. That crushing feeling when you’ve taken it too far. Because living your #Unapologetic life authentically and saying exactly what you think, will probably cause you to hurt someone at some point -- and that’s never easy. But then you know to rethink your delivery for next time.

16. You know that people respect your opinion, because you don’t say things you don’t mean. And that’s the best feeling of all.

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