U.S. Open Doubles Champs Bob And Mike Bryan On Their 'Freaky Twin' Telepathy

As twins, Bob and Mike Bryan — one of the most successful doubles teams in tennis history — share a unique bond. On the court, it works out well: the pair won their 100th career tournament title at the U.S. Open this weekend.

Off the court, what they call their "freaky twin telepathy" manifests itself in other ways. Unlike most doubles teams, they don't talk much in between points, only using code words ("burgy" is code to serve the ball wide, while "chucky" means to keep the serve on the T, or the inside). The freakiest example of their twin-ness, however, came while they were shopping.

"One time, he was in Miami and I was in California and we went couch shopping on the same day and bought the same exact couch. At the same store and we didn't even communicate," Mike said. "Bob calls me later in the day and is like 'Hey dude, I bought this awesome couch.' I'm like 'Dude I bought a couch.' He's like Facetiming me, showing me pictures of the couch and I was like 'That's the same exact couch I just got.' You can't explain that stuff."

That strange bond has helped them stay ahead of their doubles competition even at age 35, considered old in tennis circles. The pair's plan is to compete professionally until the Summer Olympics in Rio in 2016 and retire afterward.

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