Bryan Cranston Broke Bad In This Emmy-Worthy 'Super Sweet 16' Spoof

It's his chance to shine.

It's Bryan Cranston's 60th birthday and we're all invited. 

In this celebrity-filled parody of MTV's classic reality show "My Super Sweet 16," the "Breaking Bad" actor got in touch with his inner drama queen to celebrate the big day. The 15-minute spoof aired on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Friday, and Cranston has never given a more committed performance.

The Emmy winner actually turned 60 in March, but that doesn't stop him from creating havoc for his parents (he still lives with them), his subservient party planner (played by bald Jimmy Kimmel) and his bestie B.O. (that's Bob Odenkirk, "Breaking Bad" fans). 

But the "Lion King"-themed birthday bash comes to a grinding halt, when party guest Aaron Paul (!) wears the same outfit as Cranston, leading to a tense standoff. 

"Bitch is not going to poach my look at my party," Cranston says. "I carried your ass for six years and you are not going to steal my thunder now."



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