Bryan Cranston Has A New Look, And Twitter Is Loving It

The “Breaking Bad” icon’s transformation is turning heads.

The internet is thrilled about Bryan Cranston’s transformation.

On Tuesday, the actor sat down with “Today” hosts Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager sporting a full, thick beard — and of course, people had questions.

The typically clean-shaven Cranston didn’t hold back the humor, joking that he wanted to “make a pillow” using the hair from his beard.

“I’m not shaving,” he said.

Cranston said he grew out his beard to play his character Michael Desiato in the second season of Showtime’s “Your Honor.”

The show follows a respected judge whose son is involved in a hit and run that involves an organized crime family.

“The first season was about a man who loses his soul and sells his principles off for what he thought was the greater good,” Cranston said. “The second season of ‘Your Honor’ is really about redemption. Where can someone go? Is there a place for that kind of sincerity and apologies within our society?”

The performer also showcased his beard at the Tony Awards on Sunday, which prompted a slew of gushing tweets from fans.

The actor said he has been learning “all these things about men with huge beards” while rocking his bushy look — namely, the fact that he can mimic a cartoon villain by twisting the ends of his mustache to make them curl upward.

“It’s a Chia Pet, sort of,” Hager said, causing Cranston to nod in agreement.

The Emmy Award-winning actor said he’ll begin shooting the drama series in a “couple of weeks.”

Watch the trailer below.

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