Bryan Cranston Of 'Breaking Bad' Fulfills Terminally Ill Fan's Wish, Plays Best Guy Ever In Real Life

Bryan Cranston just brought a lot of joy to this superfan who is battling cancer.

Brad Joyner, 19, of Mebane, North Carolina, has glioblastoma, a form of terminal brain cancer, ABC 11 reported. While the disease's survival rates are low, the recent high school grad isn't giving up hope.

"This cancer is nasty with a low rate of survival. But I have a strong faith and wanted to really live. So my mom and I made a 'living list,'" Joyner told Buzzfeed.

Joyner, a huge "Breaking Bad" fan, included meeting Cranston, the star of the show, as one of the big items on his list. Last weekend, his dream came true when the actor Skyped with Joyner for 30 minutes.

The excitement didn't stop there though -- Cranston also surprised the superfan by ordering an ice cream truck in his name, and all of Joyner's neighbors chowed down on the sweet treat, according to his mom's Facebook page.

"He is freaking awesome!" Joyner told Buzzfeed of Cranston. "I asked him if he had a living list what would he do. He is an adventure seeker who is all about the experience of living."

Joyner had been trying to meet the actor for some time, and had an active social media campaign, #BreakingBrad, in an attempt to grab Cranston's attention, ABC11 reported. People posted pictures of themselves holding a sign with the hashtag on it, to generate buzz.

The 19-year-old received a great deal of support from the online community, and his mom, Aimee Pettigrew, was eventually able to arrange the meeting with the actor through friends of friends. She captured the magical moment that she broke the news to her son, and shared the emotional video on YouTube.

Prior to meeting Cranston, Joyner had already checked two other big goals off -- driving a 1967 Mustang and swimming with sharks.

Watch a snippet of the Skype session between Cranston and Joyner, below:



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