Bryan Cranston Once Married A Couple Flying Over The Hollywood Sign

Breaking bread.

Bryan Cranston has led a varied life.

The “Breaking Bad” star talked about the scary time he was a real-life murder suspect earlier this month.

And this week, Cranston revealed he became a minister and married a couple in an airplane that was flying over the Hollywood sign.

“It’s a twin-engine prop plane, and I have to scream,” the actor said in footage aired on “The Graham Norton Show” in the United Kingdom on Friday night.

He went on to describe the unusual nuptials which took place in the 1970s in hilarious detail, before likening the bizarre experience to “an acting exercise.”

The incident is one of many bizarre anecdotes featured in his new book, A Life in Partswhere he also recounts an uncomfortable meeting with legendary movie director Alfred Hitchcock.

Check it out in the clip above.