Bryan Cranston Reveals The 3 Things Making Him 'Mad As Hell' In The Donald Trump Era

The actor also questioned why it's now socially unacceptable to get angry.

“Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston is portraying anchorman Howard Beale in the Broadway stage adaption of the Academy Award-winning 1976 movie “Network.”

His character’s most iconic line is: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this anymore!” And, on Monday’s broadcast of “The Late Show,” Cranston revealed the three things that are making him “mad as hell” in the era of President Donald Trump.

“I think what makes me angry is people accepting duplicity and the diminishment of integrity and the lack of accountability that we’re finding now in our society,” Cranston told host Stephen Colbert.

He did not mention Trump or his administration by name.

Cranston suggested there was a “social non-acceptance” when it came to the displaying of anger and proposed that people who see injustices “like we do often these days” don’t want to be “tolerant” or “acceptant of that, you want to say, ‘No, this makes me angry, this is wrong and we have to stand up and do something about it.’”

Check out the clip here: