Bryan Cranston Talks Crystal Meth: 'Breaking Bad' Star Gets Funny With Craig Ferguson (VIDEO)

Playing a convincing meth manufacture takes a lot of research. If anyone should know that it's "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston. On the hit AMC show Cranston plays Walter White, a chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-dealer. In its fourth season "Breaking Bad" has found a winning formula -- for both commercial and critical success.

Between selling meth and murdering Colombian drug lords, Walt seems like an unlikeable guy, but after four seasons of moral ambiguities, we can't think of a drug dealer we like more (sorry Mary-Louise Parker). Cranston plays such a believable dealer, in fact, that people ofter wonder: Has he ever tried crystal meth himself?

"Strictly for research," Cranston joked to Craig Ferguson on Thursday night's "Late, Late Show." "I never enjoyed it...You get what's called 'meth mouth' and your teeth just start dropping out."

"You start looking like a thin British dude...Kate Moss is coming around your house, 'You're very attractive,'" Ferguson humorously added, poking fun at Pete Doherty.

But even though Cranston has never tried the highly-addictive drug, he does admit to knowing how to make it. "We had DEA chemists who are consultants on the show and they taught us step by step how to make crystal meth," Cranston said.

As Ferguson pointed out, "If the acting thing falls though..." But as any "Breaking Bad" fan knows, operating a meth lab is not always the easiest job.

"Breaking Bad" airs Sunday at 10 p.m. on AMC.