Bryan Cranston Stars In Production Assistant's Short Film, 'Writer's Block'

Many of us are sad that one of the greatest television shows ever, "Breaking Bad," (at least we have "Better Call Saul" to look forward to) is over. On Sunday, though, we were treated to arguably the best "Yeah, Bitch!" ever from Aaron Paul as the hit AMC series not only won Best Television Drama at the Golden Globes, but its star, Bryan Cranston, also finally won for his portrayal of Walter H. White! HEISENBERG! Thanks for that Golden Globes, you wild award show, you! Well, that happiness continues a little drop further as a short film starring the guy first known for playing Malcolm's dad has surfaced on the internet.

It turns out that Mr. Cranston held a contest in which he would star in the best script he was presented with by the production assistants on the set of his new film, "Cold Comes The Night." Production on the film was delayed due to Hurricane Sandy, and out of that time came this interesting short piece (which went into production that same night).

Here's the description from the Vimeo page for "Writer's Block":

Created by Brandon Polanco, writer & director of the short film, the short stars Bryan Cranston from AMC's Breaking Bad. The short was created in 2012 during the production of the film Cold Comes The Night.
The short film was made due to a contest created by Mr. Cranston during Hurricane Sandy. An opportunity was offered to the production assistants to create a script, and if he liked the story, he would then star in the project. Mr. Polanco's script was chosen, and three hours later he began production on the project. His fellow production assistants Chaz Rose & Spenser Granese jumped on board to help co-star and co-produce the film.
The very talented Lela Edgar, who was an actress in the right place at the right time, was immediately cast to play opposite Mr. Cranston. The final member of our production team was Shane Valcich, a local filmmaker in Windham, New York; who valiantly joined the project as the director of photography. Erinn Clancy would join our team when we returned to New York City as our editor. Together we created Writer's Block and are very excited to share our film.
You can purchase Writer's Block on iTunes and please check out Cold Comes The Night in theatres this January 10th!!!

Check out the trailer to Cranston's new film in which he plays nearly a blind career criminal who most likely does not cook meth but sounds like is still THE DANGER :



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