Bryan Fischer, Anti-Gay Spokesperson, Claims Army Overrun By 'Hypermasculine Homosexuals' (VIDEO)

Not one to give up easily, controversial radio host Bryan Fischer issued a new missive last week on the current status of the U.S. military -- and according to him, things aren't looking good.

The conservative Christian spokesperson for the American Family Association spent a portion of the Wednesday segment of his show, "Focal Point," talking about a perceived threat to Christians in the military. As Fischer sees it, the threat is posed by an influx of aggressive gay soldiers.

In a rambling eight-minute section of the show, which was posted to YouTube by American Family Radio, Fischer opened his argument with a Fox News radio story about a Utah Air National Guardsman who said he was reprimanded after objecting to a gay wedding.

Fischer then quickly transitioned to the fate of the American armed services as a whole.

"The main threat to religious liberty now is the homosexual agenda," he explained. "We've go to fight this. We've go to contest every square inch they want to take. ... We are involved in a culture war and the stakes are very, very high."

According to Fischer, this struggle is playing out in the military, which he believes is quietly forcing out conservative Christian soldiers.

"[The repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell] has opened the door for the hypermasculine homosexuals to come into the military, very similar to the sort of masculine ideal of the Greek warrior," Fischer said.

He also reiterated a previous -- and generally unsubstantiated -- claim that Adolf Hitler's Nazi stormtroopers were made up primarily of homosexuals.

"This is the thing that ought to alarm us," Fischer said. "What's happening now, is Christians are being moved out of the United States military so hypermasculine homosexuals can move in, similar to the kind of homosexuals that formed Hitler's stormtroopers."

Fischer is no stranger to controversy, of course. Amid his frequent vitriolic tirades, he has has previously claimed that men are "designed" to be breadwinners, that the George Zimmerman verdict was somehow comparable to the U.S. Supreme Court's rulings on the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8 last month and that God did not protect the victims of the Newtown shooting because prayer has been banned in public schools.



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