Bryan Fischer Slams Bisexual Pride Day, Accuses LGBT People Of Embracing 'Sexually Aberrant Behavior'

You didn't expect Berkeley's Bisexual Pride Day to pass without the prerequisite commentary from notorious anti-gay pundit Bryan Fischer, did you?

Well, rest assured: the American Family Association radio host not only slammed the celebration on his "Focal Point" program, but also accused the "homosexual lobby" of treating "sexually aberrant behavior as normal," Right Wing Watch reports.

Fischer asks, "Is there going to be a transgender pride day? Will there be an incest pride day? Will there be a pedophilia pride day?" He then notes, "Once you cross the threshold of one man and one woman...once you decide to treat sexually aberrant behavior as normal, there is no place to stop."

Fischer's latest rant comes on the heels of a similarly-charged interview he gave to HuffPost Gay Voices while attending the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.

“One party has taken a clear and unambiguous stand for homosexual marriage," Fischer told Gay Voices Editor-at-Large Michelangelo Signorile. "The other party has taken a clear and unambiguous stand for natural marriage. And I’m very optimistic that this is good for the Republican Party because every time natural marriage has been on the ballot it has won."

Despite this endorsement, however, Fischer expressed some reservations about GOP candidate Mitt Romney. "In fact, in my judgement, he imposed same-sex marriage on Massachusetts and the U.S. by executive fiat," Fischer said. "Now he’s changed his rhetoric but the question is, will his change in rhetoric be reflected by a change in his governing record? I’ve got real questions about that."

Below, see a slideshow of other outrageous things said about LGBT people:

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