American Family Association's Bryan Fischer Reportedly Fired Ahead Of GOP Israel Trip

** ADVANCE FOR WEEKEND OF FEB. 17-18 **Former Boise Minister Bryan Fisher stands with the Idaho Statehouse dome high above in
** ADVANCE FOR WEEKEND OF FEB. 17-18 **Former Boise Minister Bryan Fisher stands with the Idaho Statehouse dome high above inside the rotunda Thursday afternoon, Feb. 15, 2007 in downtown Boise, Idaho. Fischer is a conservative Christian lobbyist for the Idaho Values Alliance which he started in 2005. Fischer is among a fervent corps of religious-minded lobbyists in statehouses across America extending their work beyond traditional "values issues" such as abortion or gay marriage. (AP Photo/Troy Maben)

Bryan Fischer, who has made headlines for his right-wing stance on the LGBT community and minority faiths, has reportedly been ousted from his position as the Director of Issues Analysis at the American Family Association (AFA).

Citing AFA President Don Wildmon, The Rachel Maddow Show broke the news Jan. 28:

“The president of the American Family Association is telling us tonight, that as of today, Bryan Fischer should no longer be described as the director of issue analysis for that group, he should not be quoted as a spokesman for the group. As of today, the American Family Association tells us that Bryan Fischer is, and I quote, ‘just a talk show host.’”

When Maddow pressed Wildmon over the specific issue that prompted Fischer's firing, he reportedly pointed to the "Focal Point" radio show host's controversial remarks linking homosexuality to Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.

News of Fischer's firing came ahead of a planned Republican National Convention trip to Israel. As Haaretz reported, that RNC trip is being organized by the American Renewal Project, an endeavor housed in and financed by the American Family Association.

Fischer's controversial remarks on Judaism and Islam, cited in the Haaretz report, seemed at odds with the nature of the trip.

The Huffington Post has reached out to Fischer for comment. In the meantime, he offered the following tweet:

Fischer vowed to go into more detail on the Jan. 29 installment of his "Focal Point" radio show, which remains available on American Family Radio, which is a "listener supported broadcast ministry of the American Family Association."

GLAAD's Vice President of Programs Zeke Stokes said the dismissal was "a sign of how hurtful and inflammatory Bryan Fischer's words have been."

In a statement on GLAAD's website, Stokes added, "His history of vicious attacks against the LGBT community and people of faith have gone without consequence for way too long. It's about time that he is held accountable for his toxic rhetoric."

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