Bryan Fischer Of American Family Association: Gays Should Be Denied Custody Of Children

"In the wake of what we've just seen at Penn State...that alone ought to be enough to say, 'Look, we are not going to put children in same-sex households!"

So proclaims Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, who sounded off on his "Focal Point" talk show on why he feels lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) couples shouldn't be allowed to become parents. As Right Wing Watch and Towleroad reported, the prominent anti-gay pundit also cited the controversial Mark Regnerus study on same-sex parenting -- which is widely considered flawed by a number of top psychologists as well as LGBT rights advocates and allies -- as additional evidence.

"After bringing children into the world with an opposite-sex partner, they are not going to get custody with these children," Fischer then proclaims, adding that gay parents should be allowed "supervised visits" with their children alone.

In recent months Fischer has also claimed that gay adoption is a form of child abuse and even compared LGBT people to cannibals. Last week, he launched into a heated tirade about the "debate" over homosexuality and how filled with "hatred" and "vitriol" it is.

Take a look at other anti-gay remarks made by right-wing pundits including Fischer below:

Horrific Anti-Gay Statements
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