Bryan Fischer Slams Gay Rights, Abortion And Environmentalism As 'The Work Of Satan Himself'

Bryan Fischer: Gay Rights, Abortion And Environmentalism Are 'The Work Of Satan Himself'

Bryan Fischer's latest anti-gay rant just might be his most scathing yet.

As Right Wing Watch is reporting, the American Family Association-based, uber-conservative pundit took to the airwaves again this week, slamming gay rights, abortion and even environmentalism as "the work of Satan himself."

"Any time you see some kind of agenda that is anti-human being, it's anti-baby, it's anti-humanity, it's anti-population growth, you're looking at something that ultimately comes from Satan himself," he begins. "We remind Satan of the God that he hates and so he wants to stir up in human beings the same kind of hatred for humanity that he has."

Fischer then declares, "He will use the pro-gay movement to do it, because you can't get human beings out of the homosexual lifestyle; it's not possible so that's one way to slow population growth. ...So anywhere you see that anti-human agenda, you are looking at the work of Satan himself."

Fischer's anti-gay proclamations are being a near-weekly occurrence. Last week, he condemned adoption by same-sex couples as "a form of child abuse." Earlier in June, he urged conservatives to "reclaim discrimination" against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, whom he had previously compared to those who "eat the faces off homeless people," in a nod to the recent spate of disturbing cannibalism cases.

Take a look at some of Fischer's earlier rants, along with those of other anti-LGBT pundits, below:

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