Bryan Fischer: Homosexuality May Be A 'Birth Defect' That Could Lead Parents To Abort Children

A prominent anti-gay pundit claims that homosexuality could be a "birth defect" that could lead expectant parents to abort fetuses.

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association made those claims in a new blog on the "Renew America" wesbite. Fischer, whose anti-gay rights stance is well-established, was commenting on news that a group of scientists had proposed a new theory that homosexuality may have an epigenetic (rather than solely genetic) link.

"So scientists have abandoned the search for the gay gene," Fischer declared. "As I have said before, I suspect that not even homosexual activists today want the gay gene to be found, even if it exists, because of advances in prenatal genetic testing."

He continued:

"If 90 percent of babies in the womb who are diagnosed with Downs syndrome never draw their first breath, what are the chances that parents disposed to abortion will not exercise the same choice with regard to the gay gene? The scientists in Koebler’s article, in my view, are now resorting to genetic subterfuge and are coming dangerously close to saying that homosexuality is the result of a genetic defect, a genetic abnormality."

As Right Wing Watch notes, Fischer then re-iterating many of the same claims on his "Focal Point" radio show.



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