Bryan Fischer Talks Ken Cuccinelli, Homosexuality And Oral, Anal Sex Bans

Anti-Gay Pundit Bryan Fischer Discusses What He Thinks The Penalty For Oral Sex Should Be

It’s not a shocker that thecontroversial conservative Christian spokesman for the American Family Association, radio host Bryan Fischer, is backing up Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidateKen Cuccinelli, calling for banning oral sex as well as anal sex between consenting adults -- among heterosexuals as well as homosexuals -- claiming the practices allow for the spread of diseases. But dragging Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky into this, and suggesting speeding tickets be issued to those who engage in oral sex, are eyebrow-raising even for Fischer.

In what appeared to be a reference to HPV-related cancers, Fischer said in a conversation with me on SiriusXM Progress that a rise in head, neck and throat cancers “among millennials” is a direct result of the influence of “Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.” Throughout the interview, Fischer refused to clearly state what the punishment should be for those who engage in the sexual activity he believes should be banned, alternating between the idea of issuing summonses like “parking tickets” and “speeding tickets” and putting those who engage in oral sex or homosexual sex -- which he compared to drug trafficking, pedophilia and bestiality -- into something similar to drug rehab, at one point even suggesting an “intervention.” (Listen to the full interview below)

Fischer also doubled down on his criticism on Liz Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Cheney who is running for a Senate seat in Wyoming, saying that Cheney, a conservative Republican, is not a “patriot” because she may support gay marriage.

“I was basing what I said on what George Washington said,” Fischer explained. “He said religion and morality are indispensable supports of political posterity. Liz Cheney does not support the part of the ten commandments that protects the sanctity of marriage. She’s laboring to subvert that great pillar, and according to George Washington -- not according to me -- that would raise questions about her true patriotism.”

While discussing laws to ban various kinds of sexual activity, Fischer explained that he believes sodomy bans should be brought back because “homosexual behavior should be contrary to public policy.” Fischer was then asked what he thought should be a done about both oral and anal heterosexual sex.

“That kind of sexual activity is destructive to the human body and I don’t care who does it,” Fischer said. “Let’s talk about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. We now have an epidemic of cancers of the throat and head and neck among millennials” because they were influenced by Clinton.

Fischer refused, repeatedly, to answer a question about what punishment should be handed down for sexual infractions and even whether they should be deemed “illegal” or not, deflecting and diverting from the question. But eventually he stated there are options other than prison sentences.

“When it comes to public policy there are a lot of penalties other than sending people to jail,” Fischer said. “We do not send people to jail, for instance, for parking tickets. We do not send them to jail for speeding tickets. There are a range of sanctions for behavior. If somebody is engaged in self-destructive behavior, I’m going to love them and help them. When it comes to drug use, for example, a lot of people will do an intervention.”

About homosexual sex in particular, Fisher said, “there ought to be sanctions against it, absolutely.”

“I’m saying homosexual behavior, like prostitution, like drug use, like drug trafficking, like pedophilia, like bestiality, that homosexuality ought to be contrary to public policy,” he said. “We send drug users to rehab. My point is that there are a variety of responses.”

Listen to the full interview with Fischer here:

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