Bryan Fischer Blasts 'Gay Gestapo' For 'Intimidating' The Pope

He's at it again!

For many, Pope Francis' meeting with Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who has defiantly refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses, soured what had been an otherwise history-making papal visit to the U.S. 

That isn't the case for Bryan Fischer, who opted to use the controversy over the pope's encounter with Davis to once again blast the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. 

The conservative radio host and former director of issues analysis at the American Family Association resurrected his favorite barb ("Big Gay") while discussing the pope and Davis on his "Focal Point" show late last week, Right Wing Watch first reported. Fischer suggested the Vatican's efforts to distance themselves from Davis was evidence of the growing influence of LGBT rights advocates, whom he likened to Nazis. 

"What this story illustrates is the power of the Gay Gestapo," he said. "What this story illustrates is the power and the influence of pro-sodomy lobby in international affairs. Big Gay and homosexual lobby, homosexual activists, have so much power that they can intimidate the pope himself." 

Slamming the "bigots and bullies of Big Gay" for "intimidating" the pontiff, Fischer said, "It's the pope who is in retreat. It's the pope who is backing away." 

Fischer, of course, is no stranger to anti-LGBT declarations. Earlier this year, he co-opted Lady Gaga's pro-equality mantra for his own, anti-gay argument, claiming that the only justification in identifying as a Christian (and hence opposed to same-sex marriage) in today's society was that he was "born this way."

The Nazi analogy is getting tired, Bryan. If you're going to make the case for homophobia, at least entertain us with some new imagery. Yawn! 

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