Bryan Fischer: Russia's Anti-Gay Laws Should Be Supported, Celebrated

Russia's Anti-Gay Laws Should Be 'Supported, Celebrated,' Pundit Claims

True to form, the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer sounded off on Russia's " gay propaganda" legislation, saying the controversial laws should not only be supported, but celebrated.

"If all of these people in our culture...really believed in multiculturalism...they would be excited about this," Fischer proclaimed on his "Focal Point" radio show, according to Right Wing Watch. "We've got plenty of room in our multicultural world for all sorts of different cultural values and trends."

He then added, "Isn't this wonderful what Russia is doing? Let's celebrate diversity and let's support this tradition in the nation of Russia."

Fischer's declarations are hardly surprising, given his well-known anti-lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) views. Earlier this year, he stated that he believed LGBT employees should face job discrimination because they engage in "aberrant sexual behavior."

He also condemned President Barack Obama's inaugural address, pointing specifically to -- you guessed it -- the historic references to the LGBT rights movement.

"All men are created equal, but nobody, nobody, nobody is born gay," Fischer, who also argued that Obama "displays ignorance" in his embrace of same-sex marriage and other LGBT rights and "doesn't know what he's talking about," stated in that rant. "Nobody's born that way!"

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