Bryan Fuller Talks 'Mockingbird Lane' (Munsters Reboot) And 'Hannibal' At Comic-Con

Veteran TV creator Bryan Fuller took the time to talk about his upcoming small screen projects -- "Mockingbird Lane" and "Hannibal" -- with some of his loyal fans at Comic-Con on Saturday.

Butch Patrick, who played Eddie on the original "Munsters" series that "Mockingbird Lane" is based on, hosted the panel, fittingly wearing an Eddie Munster t-shirt.

First, a four-minute first look at "Mockingbird Lane" rolled and audiences members were happy with what they saw.

Fuller told the crowd that he hopes "Mockingbird Lane" looks like "Hitchcock directing a Harry Potter film," according to members of the audience via Twitter. The NBC series has its main characters already cast -- Portia De Rossi is Lily Munster, Jerry O'Connell is Herman, Eddie Izzard is Grandpa, Mason Cook is Eddie and Charity Wakefield is Marilyn -- but Fuller said they could always make room for one more.

Fans of Fuller's "Pushing Daisies" will also be happy to know that members of the production design team and crew from the late ABC dramedy are part of the "Mockingbird Lane"‬ team, according to an audience member via Twitter.

Fuller said that "Mockingbird Lane" will be darker than "Pushing Daisies" and more in line with "Dead Like Me," another one of his earlier shows. Why all the dark undertones? "I went to a lot of funerals as a kid," Fuller joked with the crowd.

But there is good news for those who miss "Pushing Daisies":

As for Fuller's other upcoming project, "Hannibal," which has already received a full 13-episode season order from NBC, the TV creator said they've planned out up to seven seasons. The small screen incarnation of the film classic will star Mads Mikkelsen and will be like "an elegant horror movie on network TV," he added

Fuller would, however, only talk about Seasons 1, 2 and 4.

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