Dangerous Incident On Bryan Singer's 'X-Men' Movies Reportedly Left Hugh Jackman Bleeding

A new report claims the sets were marred by drugs, turmoil and abuse.

The sordid origin story for the “X-Men” movies is finally coming to light.

A new report from The Hollywood Reporter recalls the chaos on the set of the early “X-Men” movies helmed by Bryan Singer, whom multiple men have since accused of sexual abuse. According to THR, the sets were marred by Singer’s tantrums, drug use and allegations of abuse. The new report also recalls a dangerous stunt-gone-wrong that left star Hugh Jackman bleeding.

According to THR, producer Tom DeSanto had tried to halt production of the “X-Men” sequel, “X2,” when Singer was “incapacitated” after taking a narcotic. DeSanto was apparently fearful people could be hurt, as some crew members supposedly took drugs, too. Then, reportedly, came the injury to Jackman:

Singer was defiant and continued shooting, leading to a botched stunt that left Jackman bleeding on camera (no stunt coordinator was present because the scene was supposed to be shot the following day).

Though production was stopped, Fox reportedly sided with Singer the next day, and DeSanto was told to return to Los Angeles. This led most of the main cast, dressed in their costumes, to confront Singer in his trailer and threaten to quit.

Halle Berry, who played Storm, reportedly told Singer, “You can kiss my Black ass,” during the incident, an oft-told story that hadn’t previously been written about in the context of the mishandled stunt and Singer’s argument with DeSanto. Instead, it was reported that Berry had simply said that during an argument with Singer.

According to THR, DeSanto didn’t comment about the fight, and a rep for Singer claimed the incident didn’t happen. However, Singer himself has at least acknowledged an incident with Berry in the past.

In a 2014 interview with Empire, the director reportedly laughed off the confrontation and said that Berry told him, “You can watch my Black ass while I walk out of here.”

Reps for Fox did not immediately return a request for comment.

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