Bryce Harper Absolutely Butchers The Word 'Memes' On 'Sportscenter'

What in the world?

Bryce Harper might have just been named the National League MVP Thursday, but if we're to take anything away from his subsequent interview with Scott Van Pelt on "SportsCenter," it's that his passion for the game has deprived him of basic Internet knowledge.

When Van Pelt jokingly asked Harper a question about whether he'd watch his hair fall out or his home run totals drop, the 23-year-old absolutely butchered the pronunciation of the word "memes." The slaughtering occurs around the 25-second mark.

Is that English? Meh-mays?

Keeping up with pop culture on the internet can be tough sometimes. There's the whip, Dabbing and WHAT ARE THOSE!, among others, but come on. Meh-mays?

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