Bryce Petty Front Flip Touchdown Made His Mom Nervous And RG3 Wince (VIDEO/GIF)

Parents of young football players might have preferred that Bryce Petty's front flip touchdown against UCF in the Fiesta Bowl come with a "Do Not Attempt At Home" warning. Of course, the Baylor quarterback's own mother, Dena, might have preferred it was not even attempted during a BCS bowl game under the supervision of millions of adults.

With No. 6 Baylor trailing No. 15 Central Florida in the second quarter, Petty made an audacious dash for the end zone and scored a jaw-dropping touchdown by leaping over a defender. The touchdown, and ensuing extra point, pulled the Bears within 21-20 with 2:55 remaining in the first half.

(GIF via @SBNationGIF)

To the relief of his mother, the 6' 3" junior quarterback miraculously walked away from his crash landing in the end zone. ESPN broadcast the reaction of Petty's mom to the leap and she appeared, understandably, stressed out.

Members of the Petty family weren't the only ones cringing when Bryce went cleats over helmet for the score. Former Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III was spotted wincing on the sideline at the sight of the leap.

(Vine via @TheNajLaHall)