BSIDE, The New Bro Band, Wants To 'Tell Everybody' Who They Are

BSIDE, The New Bro Band, Wants To 'Tell Everybody' Who They Are
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2016-02-29-1456757968-6974253-BSIDE_ETHANNICO_TOP.jpegThroughout history musical brothers have dominated the charts. The Everly Brothers, Bee Gees and Hanson all found an audience and achieved success. Now, two brothers from Barcelona, Ethan and Nico, known as BSIDE, hope to join the ranks.

At first glance people may be quick to compare the brothers to One Direction or *NSYNC, but what sets BSIDE apart is that they are in complete control of their music. They are responsible for everything from the writing to the producing to the final mastering. In April they will release their first EP. It will include their debut single, "Tell Everybody," an infectious pop tune filled with positivity and love. For the brothers "Tell Everybody" is more than just a song, it's their way of life.

"Whatever color of your skin, your religion, or if you're gay or straight, nobody can tell you "no" or run your show," Ethan says.

Ethan, 19 and Nico, 17, are reserved, but have an undeniable warm and caring spirit. There is an innocence to them. It's no small wonder they would gravitate toward Michael Jackson and his music. They feel he is guiding their path and when making music they ask themselves, "Would Michael like the song?"

Choosing the name BSIDE came naturally. Having always felt different from their peers, they looked at life as having two sides--the A side being normal and the B side for those they call "fighters."
In their very first interview, BSIDE opened about their music, their love for each other and their hopes for the future.

Hello from New York! Have you been to New York or anywhere in the United States before?

Nico: The first time we went to New York City was with our parents. It was about four years ago. By that time we were already singing One Direction songs--so many of them--together. We were running around the streets singing "That What Makes You Beautiful" dun-DUN-DUN. Then about four years later we got the idea and inspiration for our song "Who Ü R" from two girls in New York City when we went back on another trip.

Are your parents supportive of your career?

Nico: No! My dad had to sign my contract at Wave Music for me because I am a minor, but he signed it anyway. They never believed that we would become anything, but we are fighters. Our parents say we should stay in school, but we are not stupid. Of course we are going to stay in school. I want to run my own career and be my own accountant and lawyer. Ethan has his own interests too like marketing. All of this is necessary to be a success in music.

Your biggest inspiration is Michael Jackson. What drew you to him?

Nico: I like his voice and all his music.

Ethan: Wow! Everything.

What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?

Nico: "Man in the Mirror" and "Will You Be There."

Ethan: I also like "We Are the World."

If Michael was still here today, what would you want to ask him?

Nico: What was it like being in a group with your brothers?

Ethan: How did you deal with fame?

You two are so close. Do you ever fight?

Ethan: Of course! Anyone who has a brother fights. In our case we always end with a huge hug or smile.

You just completed a new song called "I'll Be Everything." Tell us about it.

Nico: It's basically to prove that we do not make only light dance music. We can also make songs with different tempos that crossover onto charts in USA. For instance, every morning I read and I watch the Spotify Global Top 50 chart. I know that we have to show that we are real songwriters and composers and we don't just make happy dance songs. EDM producers are everywhere. We are songwriters. Our manager encouraged us to show this side, and it shows we're not just any two kids with a computer program who make music.

Outside of music, what makes you different?

Nico: We just never fit in with people who walk around normal in the rest of the world. We followed Michael's [Jackson] message, which is that the world was bigger than what we saw. We didn't follow trends. We didn't need to be the coolest, and we set what we wanted to achieve different from the rest.

Not only do you make music for yourselves, you are also involved with other artists. What are you currently working on?

Nico: Our favorite is for two identical, Venezuelan cute, sexy twins called Two Servings of Vanilla. The song is called, "Get Something Started". We wrote it, produced it and did everything except record the vocals. The twins have all the credit for vocals like Mariah Carey!

Speaking of Mariah, who do you listen to?

Nico: Lately we listen to a lot of Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes. Lucas Graham inspired us with "7 Years." We know the Spotify Global Top 50 like the back of our hands.

Besides music, what else would you like to do in life?

Nico: Spend time with my younger sister Vera. We tried to make her our singer, but she's too shy!

Although you are both still young, what would you say has been the greatest lesson you've learned so far in life?

Ethan: I learned my brother is really the only person that I can trust. People will change, but my brother is always my brother.

Nico: Not being selfish. We have to be the best we can be, but being selfish is bad.

What do you want to "Tell Everybody?"

Nico: Our music is for everybody. We want to be natural. We are fighters, and you can do anything if you fight.

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