Try To Keep Calm But K-Pop Band BTS Is Getting A Documentary Series

Nope, not calm. Not calm at all.

Soon, fans are going to get a glimpse of what makes K-pop band BTS tick. 

The group will be the subject of a documentary series launching on paid streaming service YouTube Red, the group’s management company BigHit Entertainment confirmed on Tuesday. 

The eight-episode series, entitled “BTS: Burn The Stage,” is slated for a March 28 release and already, fans are finding it hard to contain their excitement. 

The docuseries will follow the band through its 2017 sold-out international “The Wings Tour,” during which BTS stopped by 20 cities across Asia, South America, and the United States. The videos will delve into the more personal sides of the band members, BigHit Entertainment mentioned in a press release, adding that they will include behind-the-scenes interviews and footage of the band’s performances. 

Viewers in the U.S. and Korea are eligible for a special promotion to watch the series and get two months’ worth of the platform free rather than the typical one-month offer, the press release mentioned. 

The release of “Burn The Stage” comes after the band’s immense success and swift rise, as BTS not only built fierce fandoms in Asia, but also garnered recognition in Western countries. The band’s achievements have quickly added up and just this year, the Recording Industry Association of America awarded the K-pop group gold certifications for songs “DNA” and “Mic Drop” Remix. They also took home two IHeartRadio Music Awards last week in addition to several other accolades they’ve earned this year. 

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