BTS And Jimmy Fallon Do 'Fortnite Dance Challenge,' Break Internet

The Korean pop band and the host have a blast busting the moves of the video game characters.

Combine the insanely popular video game “Fortnite” with the insanely popular Korean pop band BTS ― and you get viral magic.

The group joined Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” Tuesday for the “Fortnite Dance Challenge.” It wasn’t so much a challenge as a chance for the host and the band to have some flat-out fun busting the moves of the animated “Fortnite” characters.

Some of the dances may be familiar to parents of school-age kids ― the violent but addicting game is that widespread ― and clearly BTS members have had some practice.

But even if you don’t know your “Fortnite” from your “Rocket League,” this is one energetic blast of joy.

Watch it above.