Biology Student Uses BTS Members To Explain Parts Of The Animal Cell

Now it all makes sense.

This is pretty much the only way we’ll understand biology. 

Diane Petit-Frere, a biology student and BTS fan, did what a proper brainiac K-pop stan would do. She broke down the parts of an animal cell by comparing the components to the members of BTS. 

After reading her explanation, it really all makes sense. And now we know more about the cell parts than just “the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.” 

Petit-Frere’s post went viral, and many BTS fans, who are called “ARMY,” credited the student with helping them learn a thing or two. 

“People were telling me that the thread helped them study and learn the material which is awesome,” Petit-Frere explained to BuzzFeed UK. “I certainly didn’t expect that but I’m glad my thread had such a positive effect.”

She might’ve even created a new faction of the BTS fandom ― “scientist ARMYs.”