Los Angeles

Bubala Please! Jewish Gangstas Jaquann & Luis Search For A Hanukkah Bush (NSFW VIDEO)

Our favorite Jewish gangsters (sorry, Mickey Cohen) are back!

In the second episode of "Bubala Please," Jaquann and Luis go on the hunt for a Hanukkah Bush (which, for all you non-Chosen people, is pretty much a Christmas tree without any of the Christian ornaments or symbols).

Here's a guide on how to decorate your very own "pimped out Hanukkah bush" so you can show up those "goy motherf**kers," courtesy of the Bubala Please! boys.

1. "Slang some bling on this bitch"
2. Add "crazy-ass tchotchkes"
3. Top with a materialistic status symbol
4. Rap the Shehecheyanu prayer

Don't let the teardrop tattoo and frequent use of the n-word fool you. These vatos locos are, at heart, good Jewish boys. The comedic duo that make up "Bubala Please" describe themselves as "LA's latke-making, dreidel-spinning, menorah-lighting gang-bangers." Check out their first episode, on latkes, in the video below.


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