'Bubala Please' Comedy Cooking Series Shows Gangsters' Jewish Side (NSFW VIDEO)

We're pretty much tickled anytime anyone speaks Yiddish, but we especially love it when it comes from someone we wouldn't suspect. Therein lies the humor in the first episode of a new series, "Bubala Please," which features two rough-and-tumble gangsters who just happen to be Jewish. Hilarity ensues.

In the first installment, Jaquann and Luis -- presented as "LA's latke-making, dreidel-spinning, menorah-lighting gang-bangers" -- cook up some potato pancakes for Hanukkah.

Memorable lines include, "Mazel tov, mother f*cker," "Happy Hanukkah, bitches," and "Bubala, bubala... you have a little shmutz." Oh, and they wear aprons that say "Kiss My Tuchus" and "Got Latkes" throughout the video.

Watch the first episode of "Bubala Please" below.

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