Bubble Hotel Offers High-Style Camping In France (VIDEO)

WATCH: A 'Bubble Hotel' In France

A new bubble hotel outside of Paris offers stressed-out city dwellers -- as well as intrepid tourists -- a night of luxury under the stars in a plastic bubble that's essentially a high-style tent.

The bubble rooms allow guests "to see the Milky Way through the roof of your room," creator Pierre-Stephane Dumas tells Reuters, adding that stargazing is one of the prime reasons Parisians escape to the glam, forest campground.

A night in this bubble goes for €189 ($258), a bit more dear than a night in a standard tent.

Other bubble hotels in France have similar rooms, including Attrap' Rêves -- the name means "Dreamcatcher" -- where a selection of bubbles start at €129 a night. Sky River, a few hours outside Paris, also has a bubble hotel room for rent, with an all-inclusive package from €209 a night.

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