Bubble Wrap Paintings By Bradley Hart Are The Coolest Things You'll See Today

LOOK: Portrait Of Steve Jobs Made By Injecting Paint Into Bubble Wrap

Many people have a strange affinity for bubble wrap, but not to the extent artist Bradley Hart does.

Hart, who is from Toronto but lives and works in New York, makes portraits of friends and famous figures by a painstaking technique of injecting acrylic paint into bubble wrap, creating a pixelated effect.

While Hart has the process down to a science, it still takes an average of 150 hours to make each painting, he told The Huffington Post over the phone Tuesday.

"If you inject too fast you're going to destroy the bubble," Hart says. "But if you go too slow, it doesn't fill properly."

Hart said it takes him two to three days just to load the paint into the 1,200-1,500 syringes he needs to make a single portrait.

Take as an example Hart's iconic bubble wrap portrait of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. To make it, Hart injected over 16,000 bubbles with 89 different colors of paint.

bubble wrap paintings

Check out the slideshow below to see a collection of Hart's bubble wrap paintings. You can see them in real life at Gallery Nine5 in New York City through March 29, 2013.

(Hat tip, Digg via Visual News)

Washington Square Park

Bradley Hart's Bubble Wrap Paintings

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