Turns Out Bubble Wrap Was Originally Meant To Be Wallpaper

Just try to *wrap* your head around this one.

Bubble Wrap is unparalleled in its ability to protect goods and is so satisfying to play with. Hell, people are even wearing it these days.

But before it was made famous for guarding packages and providing endless hours of fun, it was actually just a home decor experiment gone awry.

According to Joey Green, co-author of "The Bubble Wrap Book," a book that is completely dedicated to the stuff, Bubble Wrap was created after a failed attempt by inventors Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes to make textured wallpaper in 1957.

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The two men used two shower curtains pressed together to create textured wallpaper. Green told The Huffington Post the two men "attempted to develop a machine to produce plastic wallpaper with a paper backing. Instead, their machine produced sheets of plastic filled with air bubbles."

A spokeswoman from Sealed Air, the company that manufactures Bubble Wrap, confirmed the same story. "The inventors didn't admit defeat. They found a way to turn their creation into a whole new industry segment: packaging materials that cover, cushion, and protect," she said.

So there you have it. We're not sure we'd be able to resist popping and thus destroying Bubble Wrap wallpaper if it were actually a real thing -- but there would definitely be loads of fun had in the process.

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