23 Things On Boomers' Bucket Lists In 2015

23 Things On Boomers' Bucket Lists In 2015

Most of us have bucket lists that are chock-full of exciting adventures and destinations. Whether we accomplish any of these things remains to be seen. Still, it never hurts to dream. And so with 2015 upon us, we decided to ask our Facebook fans what was on their bucket lists. Here are just 23 of those items. Maybe they'll spark some new ideas of your own. Have anything to add? Please do so in comments.

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"Move to a new country. Just spent the last five years in Iceland and have had enough of endless cold weather for 365 days of the year so we are planning on moving to Greece!" said Nadia Ashkenazy-Jones.
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"Here's what me and the hubby are aiming for in 2015: Since we don't have kids (and are too old to have them now) we're going to join the Fulfillment Fund mentoring organization and become mentors!" said Treva Brandon.
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"My husband and I will be visiting Paris and London for the first time," said Linda Thompson Gebelein.
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"I'm going to jump out of an airplane," said Don W. Powers.
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"I'd like to take a cruise around the Hawaiian islands or another Alaskan cruise -- you could say I think cruises are the way to go. There are so many things to do and side trips so that you and your partner or roommate don't have to do everything together," said Jane Thompson.
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"To get a hole in one," said Jean Dedeke.
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"In 2015, I'll be recovering from my 2014 bucket list trip ... my sister and I took my teenagers to all 51 capitals in 51 days," said Alisa Johnson.
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"Get rid of all the unnecessary crap I have in our home. Less is more. Someone else can use it. If you do not use it, lose it. Think about what you have gone through when cleaning out your own folks' home. Not pretty. Do not leave that to your children to take care of. It's very painful for all," said Eileen Donne.
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"I want to organize my photos into nice scrapbooks and write letters to all my children and grandchildren," said Pat Nicholson.
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"I intend to spend one-on-one time with each of my children, their spouses and my grandchildren. When we all get together, it's a busy commotion of noise and activity. So, it could just be a quick date for coffee or a long afternoon that includes a spa or a movie. The recent death of my mother emphasized the importance of spending time with someone and appreciating the individual person who is so valuable and important," said Elaine Ambrose.
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"Travel to Bali, Indonesia, trace my roots and finally take out these wisdom teeth," said Malaika Hybrid.
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"Start a personal blog," said Oana Gheorghita.
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"Mine is to ski my age, shorthand for skiing 71 days. Given my other obligations I know that’s unrealistic. So for 2015 I’m going for the bucket half-filled," said Jon Weisberg.
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"I hope to finish my book ... my husband just bought me some gold clubs so I guess I'll also be learning to golf!" said Kirsten Jill Robbins.
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"I will retire and I'm looking for a new job, anywhere from Kazakhstan to Guam," said Wally Wood.
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"I want my book to become a bestseller. (Now I've just got to write it...) I want to fly to London to watch a scene from 'Sherlock' being taped. A weekly massage! An hour of blissful relaxation every week. Is that too much to ask?" said Rosalind Warren.
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"To sell my home of 23 years and move closer to the beach," said Sharon Greenthal.
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"I have a few items on my 2015 bucket list, but let's just cut to the chase to the number one item on my to-do (bucket) list: I want to become a staff writer for... The Huffington Post,“ said Pat Gallagher.
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"Number one on my bucket list for 2015 is to tutor inner-city elementary school students to help improve their writing skills," said Ken Solin.
"My business goal for www.betterafter50.com ... for 2015 every time someone turns 50 I am hoping their friends send them a link to Betterafter50.com and say 'read this ... it's awesome'," said Felice Shapiro.
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"I'm planning to finish my second and third books!" said Barbara Hannah Grufferman.
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"On my bucket list for 2015 is to see the Southern Cross," said Darby Roach.
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"To travel for leisure and connect with as many women as possible. To attract the right collaborator for a women's legacy project I am working," said Dana O'Dell.
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