Bucket List: Top 10 'Must-Dos' Before You Die

In 1935, as he lay dying from an assassin's bullet at the age of 42, Senator Huey Long whispered his final words on the steps of a Louisiana courthouse: "God, don't let me die. I have so much to do."

While it's possible Huey Long was speaking to a desire for more power, money or notoriety -- spending his last breaths yearning for time in his office or on the campaign trail, it's safe to assume that in their final moments, many of the dying worry about a different kind of "To Do" list. Sure, marrying and having children are excellent indicators of a life well lived, but there are few more untraditional items that should be staples of any decent bucket list.

So grab a pen and take notes on the 10 "must-dos" that we at Huff/Post50 think should grace everyone's list of sites to be seen, foods to be tasted and experiences to be had before one "kicks the bucket."

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