Snack-Chasing Bear Cub Rescued After Getting Into A Bucketful Of Trouble

Wildlife workers free "Buckethead" from a plastic junk-food jug.

Three days after getting his head stuck in a plastic snack jar, “Buckethead” the black bear cub is now free to stop and smell the roses ― or at least the cheese puffs ― once more.

Rangers from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources came to the 100-pound bear’s rescue on Saturday:

Thankfully, ‘Buckethead’ ― who was tranquilized during the removal ― was reunited with his family soon after.

While rescuers were unsure what the jar contained, “it smelled good.”

“We think it was one that had pretzels or cheese balls in it, by the shape anyway,” the department wrote on Facebook.

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