Buckeye Firearms Foundation Defends Raising Money To Buy A Gun For George Zimmerman (VIDEO)

Does George Zimmerman, the Florida man who was recently found not guilty in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin, need another gun? One Ohio gun group thinks so, and it has raised $12,000 to buy him one.

Ken Hanson, a gun instructor and the legal chairman of the Buckeye Firearms Foundation, appeared on "Piers Morgan Live" on Monday night to describe the reasoning behind the group's fundraising efforts.

"The first thing to point out is the purpose of the fundraiser was not just to buy a gun. It was to buy a gun, gear, ammunition, training, security systems, personal protection, whatever he felt was appropriate to defend himself, defend his family, defend his parents," Hanson said.

When Morgan asked if the group plans to make the same offer to Martin's parents, particularly since it was their son who was shot and killed, Hanson demurred, saying he was not aware of any threats to the victim's family.

"Obviously they lost their teenage son, who was unarmed, to a gun. A gun that was owned by George Zimmerman. Many people would feel the last thing George Zimmerman should be having right now is another gun," Morgan countered.

Morgan then asked Hanson what would happen if Zimmerman takes that new gun and shoots another unarmed teenager.

"If someone is on top of Mr. Zimmerman again, repeatedly bashing his head into the concrete, and he acts in self-defense, that's incredible bad luck that he found himself in that situation twice. But we'll sleep soundly," Hanson said.