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Buckingham Palace's Gardens Were Hiding The Rare White Helleborine Orchid (PHOTO)

It's official: Queen Elizabeth definitely has the best gardens ever.

According to the Natural History Museum in London, the white helleborine orchid, which hasn't been seen in the area for more than 100 years, was discovered on the grounds of Buckingham Palace. Records show that the flower was last seen in 1900, so naturally scientists and botanists alike were stoked. "It is quite unusual to find the white helleborine north of the Thames, let alone in the middle of the city in the Queen’s back garden," Dr. Mark Spencer said. "It shows just how important green spaces are in built-up areas for giving wildlife a refuge."

white helleborine orchid

So far, those conducting a botanical survey have found more than 450 different types of plants in the Queen's gardens. We can only imagine what other goodies are lurking there.

Head over to the Natural History Museum's website for more information. And be sure to click through our slideshow of amazing gardens in the United States.

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