Buckingham Palace Guard Under 'Urgent Investigation' For Dancing On Duty

The British Ministry of Defence has launched an "urgent internal investigation" after video surfaced of a Buckingham Palace guard performing some rather cheeky dance breaks while on duty.

But hey, when it's a two-hour shift, sometimes you've gotta bust a move.

The video, posted in late August, shows a member of the Grenadier Guards on his shift in the Buckingham Palace forecourt. Everything seems stoic and smooth as normal, until he bends down to pick something up off the ground (0:20).

This sets off a chain reaction of whimsical grooves -- the guard freezes (0:40), struts in robotic slo-mo (0:55), shines his guard box with his saliva (1:23) and executes a series of very ballerina-like pirouettes (2:25).

The video ends with a "dirt off the shoulder" move and some sassy, yet refined, posing in front of his guard box.

If found guilty, the guard might face a pay cut or be banished to guarding the barracks.

"Anyone who is found to fall short of the Army’s high standards can expect to face appropriate action," a Ministry spokesman told the Daily Mail.

This isn't the only time the Queen's Guard has gotten jiggy with it. Last week, video surfaced of a soldier sticking his tongue out and making funny faces on duty. The video was being researched to determine whether the guard was truly acting up, merely trying to adjust his helmet without touching it, or even a real guard in the first place.

In any case, they've got a good chuckle out of us.

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