X-Men Movie: We Know the World Is Intact Because of Buckminster Fuller and Crystals

I finally saw the new X-Men movie X-Men: Days of Future Past, and, despite the usual overuse of fighting and special effects, it had a good storyline. Professor Xavier and his mutant buddies have to figure out a way to save both the humans and the mutants, and the solution is to send Wolverine back into the past to change history.

The next two plus hours are filled with fights, high drama and the usual superhero stuff. However, when Wolverine wakes up having returned to the future at Professor Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning, he no longer finds the destitute setting he left behind at the beginning of the film. Instead, he begins wandering through the halls of a beautiful school where mutants study and walk free from fear and intimidation.

Looking into one classroom, he hears the instructor say, "Buckminster Fuller was a leading architect of the future." And that's how we know that the world is intact and thriving. Buckminster Fuller's wisdom is being taught to the youth in an elite school. In reality, this is exactly what is needed in every school at all levels today if we are to survive and thrive as a species and as individuals.

Bucky devoted his entire life to creating a viable way to manifest his vision of "a world that works for everyone," and, in the process, he also formulated a workable template that anyone who wants to become a contributing global citizen can follow. Today, more than ever, we need involved global citizens who find their true gifts and share them with the world for the benefit of all sentient beings.

As Days of Future Past concludes, Wolverine enters Dr. Xavier's office to learn that his mission succeeded, and we can't help but notice the beautiful crystals in the room. This is another sign that the world is intact and the species is succeeding. There is great power in the natural formation of crystals, and I recently blogged about the connection between Bucky Fuller and Richard Berger's Masterpieces of the Earth Collection. Crystals and Bucky Fuller are critical to our appreciating and protecting all that we have been given on the tiny, fragile planet Bucky named Spaceship Earth.

May all people gain a perspective broad enough to support the entire crew onboard Spaceship Earth, including our mineral brothers and sisters.