Watch This Master Artist Create A Stunning Buddhist Statue

It's a creative journey that requires months of patience.

There's nothing quite like watching a master artist breathe life into his work.

In the short film "The Eye-Opener," director François Schick takes viewers inside the Nalanda Monastery, a Tibetan Buddhist monastery located in Southern France. The film shows a Nepalese artist completing a statue of one of Buddha's arhats (disciples) over the course of several months.

He starts with a simple white statue that he uses bright orange, teal and pink paint to add intricacy to the folds of the arhat's robes. The video shows all the minor details that goes into the artist's process of crafting this work of art, from him sharpening his pencils to tracing out patterns on the statue's base.

The music builds throughout the moving six-minute video until the "crucial point" when the eyes of the statue are finally opened.

Watch the film above for a behind-the-scenes look at this captivating process.

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