Cat Heads To Foster Home With Vet Who Treated Him After Brutal Dog Attack

Buddy the cat is recovering after two dog walkers sicced dogs on him in a brutal attack that was caught on video.

Buddy, a Pennsylvania cat who was the victim of a vicious attack last month, is recovering and heading to a foster home with one of the veterinarians who first treated him.

“Our bright-eyed boy headed to a foster home this morning to continue his journey to his best life,” the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals posted Friday on Facebook.

Buddy the cat in a photo from the PSPCA
Buddy the cat in a photo from the PSPCA
Pennsylvania SPCA

Buddy made national headlines after surveillance footage in a Philadelphia neighborhood captured two dog walkers encouraging their dogs to attack him while he was standing on a patio. The black cat suffered severe wounds but managed to escape without broken bones or internal bleeding.

“We expect him to make a full recovery,” PSPCA spokesperson Gillian Kocher told HuffPost, adding that he’s in “stable condition.”

He’ll be staying with the vet and her husband at their home while he continues his recovery. But they’d like to adopt him permanently, Kocher said, “if all goes well.” The couple did not want their names made public.

Last week, two minors ― a 12-year-old and a 17-year-old ― were arrested in connection with the attack on Buddy and charged with animal fighting and aggravated animal cruelty.

Buddy receives treatment after a brutal attack from two dogs.
Buddy receives treatment after a brutal attack from two dogs.
Pennsylvania SPCA

While Buddy is getting a jump start on his new life, the PSPCA noted on Facebook that it has lots of other animals available for adoption or fostering.

Kocher noted in a previous email that although Buddy’s story has gotten a lot of public attention, he’s far from the only animal in need.

“We do this work all day every day, and sometimes it is not as visible to everyone as Buddy’s story is,” she said.

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